How to Become A Mom Without Falling Apart ft Racheal Kwacz

Topic of the day is "How to Mom Without Falling Apart" and i have a special Mother's Day Playlist :)

It is a known fact, that being a mother isn't easy. From having to deal with her own life, be a loving wife, be an independent woman and at the same time care for another human being, is really tough!

Mother's Day is a day we take the time to appreciate the woman who gave birth to us. That special day happened just last Sunday and in conjunction with that special day i'm speaking with Child and Family Development Specialist, Racheal Kwacz. Racheal shares her methods on how to parent and most of all for mom's to still stay sane.

Do listen as we touch on:
1. How to love yourself as a mom
2. Dealing with possible guilt as a mom
3. Handling the Mother in Law
4. How to keep your child from screaming all the time
5. Bonus tip - how to END all arguments with your husband.