Life, the new Korean original drama written by Lee Su-yeon and directed by Hong Jong-chan as well as Lim Hyun-ook. Netflix has premiered the first four episodes of Life in APAC markets (excluding Japan) and English speaking regions (excluding U.S.) on Aug $. Episodes 5 & 6 streamed on the same day as the Korean broadcast on Aug 6 & 7.

Life is a new medical K-drama from Lee Su-yeon, writer of Stranger and, director Hong Jong-chan, who directed Dear My Friends. The new medical drama series tells a story about the people in a hospital who want to protect and save, and also those who want to defend for what they believe is right. Sometimes like an inner body reaction, the characters in Life collide aggressively as the story progresses.

The K-drama features Lee Dong-wook, well know for his lead role in Goblin (Guardian: The Lonely and Great God) as Ye Jin-woo, one of the doctors in the hospital. Jo Seung-woo, who was lead a mystery filled story in Stranger, plays Koo Seung-hyo, the CEO of the hospital where everything takes place.