GOT Thrones Talk

Thrones Talks on Game of Thrones & A Feast of Fire & Ice

Last Sunday was the first Sunday without Game of Thrones and trust me when I say, that we all felt the chill of Winter as we bear ourselves to face the cold wait till Season 8 comes our way next year. To keep the flame going, also it is now safe to discuss Season 7 without having the fear of being curse at by our very own fb friends for giving out spoilers we have invited 3 hard core fans of the show to come on board for a very special Seriously Kam GOT special session.

Join Show & Music Director Llew Marsh, Star Columnist & writer Leigh Philips and comedian Keren Bala Devan as they share their perspective of the show in their own unique insights.

We also will be bringing the people from Fittie Sense cafe who will be hosting a Game of Thrones Theme Dinner : A Feast of Fire & Ice . They will share with us their inspiration behind their menu and how you can play a part of this amazing dinner and live out your GOT fantasies with a scrumptious spread fitting enough for the 7 kingdoms. 

 Here is the menu for the Feast of Fire & Ice

& Reservations details