We talk to comedians from Melbourne : Sonali & Anirban from comedy zone asia & Rahul Subramanian all performing at Chinese Museum 7pm & 8.30pm respectively. 


Sonali Thakker (India)
Sonali Thakker is a Mumbai-based comedian who has been writing, performing and convincing audiences (read: her parents) that she's a stand-up comic for over six years. With an observational style peppered with self-deprecation, Sonali delights audiences at comedy clubs and festivals around India. She recently finished touring her debut show Almost There across India to widespread acclaim, proving to her family that leaving chartered accounting behind was the right choice.

'The seemingly sheepish comedian’s deadpan delivery is anything but' Beat

Anirban Dasgupta (India)

Kolkata-born, Mumbai-based Anirban Dasgupta is a stand-up comedian and writer with a sprawling, storytelling style. Since leaving behind his career as a corporate salesman, Anirban has headlined at major comedy clubs and festivals around India and released his first special Take It Easy on Amazon Prime Video to rave reviews. Expect personal stories, sardonic cynicism and big laughs from this smart, relatable star.

'Dasgupta drinks the kool-aid but spits it right back at everyone' Beat

Rahul Subramanian Is This Even Comedy? (IN)

After a stellar 2018 debut in the Indian All-Star Comedy Showcase and his solo hour Kal Main Udega, Indian comedy superstar Rahul Subramanian returns for two weeks only! Oscillating between anecdotal and observational comedy with absurdity a common thread, Rahul is a master of jokes that offer no opinion whatsoever. This ensures he’s at a safe distance from any kind of trouble and can happily go back to living his life after comedy. Or so he thought…

Since turning his back on an MBA to take up comedy as a New Year’s resolution, Mumbai-bred Tamilian Rahul has won favour with critics and audiences alike. He’s goofy yet understated, with clever writing underpinning his silly takes on everyday observations. Rahul is one half of the award-winning online sketch duo Random Chikibum.

'One of the most recognisable faces in Indian stand-up comedy.' Firstpost (India)