OMG Prakash Daniel is headlining at The Joke Factory!

And about time! Plying his trade for the last 6 years as one of Malaysia’s most endearing and charismatic comedians, with a trademark laugh that will pierce the stratosphere, Prakash Daniel is finally taking the stage with his first ever headliner set! 

Honing his craft for years in the underground standup comedy scene, he also is a co-showrunner of One Mic Stand, Malaysia's longest-running comedy open mic. He's also performed all over the region and early this year he was invited to be at the prestigious Melbourne International Comedy Festival! 

Gregarious, highly approachable, and energetic, Prakash's lively onstage persona is a surefire hit for fans of comedians who love relating to the audience and making them feel comfortable laughing throughout the night. The way he presents his silly observations on life as a Malaysian Indian, family, and culture won't fail to make you feel like you're hanging out with your best friend who happens to be whip-smart and engagingly hilarious as well!

1. The Joke Factory and Joke & Lok operates from 3pm till midnight.

2. For VIP seats, it is required that a minimum of RM300 purchase on dining menu items are made. 

3. Tickets purchased are non refundable but we do accept ticket exchange for other shows (with 24 hours notice)

The Joke Factory by 

27, Level G3

Block C5