Priyansh Mishra

PRIYANSHU MISHRA at Crackhouse comedy

Priyanshu is one of those go-with-the-flow people, whose environment usually controls his life more than he does. He began his comedic journey three years ago with an opening spot for Papa CJ (IND), since then he has opened for heavy-weights such as Karthik Kumar (IND), Sorabh Pant (IND) and Daniel Fernandes (IND). He has shared the stage with some of the biggest comics from around the world and has performed to audiences in Chennai, Bangalore, Mumbai, Singapore, Jakarta and Siem Reap, and is looking to take his act to an even wider audience.

Priyanshu Mishra is a professional standup comic from Chennai who has been making people laugh for more than three years now.
He is one of the most famous standup comedians in the Chennai circuit.
Maverick, absurdist and outlandish, Priyanshu is the kind of freak who can keep you in splits for hours together in life.
Put him on stage and he gets even better. One of the most absurdist comics in Chennai city, with a spontaneity that is rare and unique, Priyanshu is an absolute delight to watch.
He is one unique comic with no equivalent or substitute.

Date : 6 OCT (FRI) & 7 OCT (SAT)
Time : 9pm Showtime, Seating 8pm
Ticket : RM40 online / RM50 at the door