VIU Originals the SALON - Bihzhu, Iman Corrine and Sherry

VIU ORIGINAL SALON featuring Bihzu, Iman Corrine & Sherry 


Meet the ladies of VIU ORIGINAL SALON :  Bihzhu who plays Marsha who was Maria / Anna's friend from the orphanage. Iman Corrine plays Xandra a timid accountant with a volatile past who moves into the house that Maria stays and later became Anna's shop assistant. And last but not least Anna's nosy house owner Mrs Murthy played by Sherry.

What is Salon all about ?

Set in the world of the beauty industry, a female vigilante searches for the killer who slaughtered her family in a quest for vengeance.

Maria (played by Julia Farhana) grew up in an orphanage. However, she also has a dark side: she had psychopathic tendencies – she had no issues punishing people who harmed the innocent; often violently. Soon after being adopted, she gained greater stability in overcoming her psychopathic tendencies but that changed abruptly when her adopted parents were murdered.

In present day, with revenge in her mind, she takes on a new identity as Anna and runs a salon in the scenic Malacca.