Together We Can- 15th April 2020

Together We Can #TogetherForHumanity 

Starting this 14th to the 19th April, join us every day from 4pm to 6pm as we bring you 2 hours of LIVE performances by our local artistes all for a good cause. We, together with our partners have joined resources to raise funds for our front liners and the underprivileged. 

All proceeds will be channelled towards purchasing medical equipment, food and essentials and to help the underprivileged sustain during the MCO period.

Among the causes are families and individuals from the B40 income group which are being hit hard by the Movement Control Order as well as Musicians who suffered loss of income. With the funds, The Giving Bank will obtain essential items and groceries which will be handed out to the indicated parties.

Just a small sum goes a long way. So come join us and do your part in helping those in need even while confined to your own homes. Together We Can make a difference #TogetherForHumanity.

#TogetherForHumanity is an effort taken by several organisations consisting of theSundaily, live online radio station AFO Radio, Malaysian movie information portal Cinema Online, Malaysian Outdoor Advertising industry leader Spectrum Outdoor Marketing Sdn. Bhd. and The Giving Bank Organisation.

Thank you for your kind donations and please enjoy the show. Don't forget that #TogetherWeCan

For donations, Click Here.  So don’t forget to tune in to the show live on theSundaily’s FB page from 4pm-6pm, 14th-19th April! 

About The Artistes.


Reshma Martin, a 21-year-old girl with incredible talent. Being fluent in Malay, although growing up in New Zealand, makes it easier for Reshma to set the stage for her music, attracting fans of various races.

She has had an incredible and progressive singing career till now. Reshma has placed and won in several singing contests such as R.Age Open Mic 2012, KPOP Star Hunt, Strepsil Right Note 2014 and 2015, P & G Brand Got Talent Show Off Talent Search 2015, Music Talent Quest UNMC 2015 and Akademi Fantasia 2016. Reshma is also talented in regards to songwriting. In  2011, she placed 6th in the international "Sing 4 Justice" competition with the song "No One To Someone" which was also included in the album Sasi the Don ("Do not Panic, It'Just Music"). She was only 12 years old. 

Reshma Martin’s successes over the years have boosted her passion and proved her talent- with her involvement in various events, performances and music videos with famous local artists such as Akim Ahmad, Altimet, Ippo Hafiz, AF Megastars and many others. Reshma is also active in international corporate events such as the Queen’s Birthday Party 2018, the British Malaysian Chamber of Commerce Awards Night 2018 and many more.

This brilliant singer is so talented in both her academics and singing respectively- being a scholarship student at the University of Nottingham Malaysia campus whilst juggling her career. After her success in placing 3rd in AF2016, her first single, "Sayang Jadi Benci," was successfully released and published by composer, Edry KRU. Her next single, "Fikir Kamu Siapa", is another original song by Reshma and published by Edry KRU in 2017. The song is also the OST of a drama called "Saka Sisters" aired on Astro Warna.

This singer with both brains and beauty is so excited to share her passion for the arts with all the fans by launching her latest single for 2019, "Ubah" featuring I-SKY. The songwriter being Reshma herself, plus the expertise of her producer and arranger, I-Sky, she managed to create a modern sound that is suitable for a variety of generations. She competed in a convention in Los Angeles last year, winning the “Star of the Year” award, and performed in a concert in Nagoya, Japan early this year.


Aiming to prioritise a down-to-earth persona, that couples “boppy" danceable hooky tunes along with lyrical depth and real life stories, RESORT started in January 2019 when long time friends frontman Sek Hao Ho and drummer Kyle Emmanuel fused what musical differences they had, to create indie-pop band, RESORT. RESORT debuted in early July 2019 with their first single, “Fix Everything” and a single consecutively every month after that.

Later on, bassist Victor Yee was roped in. A big void that was missing within the band’s sonic spaces was filled. After being mistaken a few times as “We Are RESORT” (social media handle: @weareresort) rather than “RESORT”, the boys soon realized the strong collective consciousness that most fans would identify them with and more importantly, the potential that this collective could include their fans themselves.

The biggest break for RESORT as of late is the opportunity to collaborate and write the theme song, “The Idea Of Us” from TheMingThing’s Christmas short film, “For Giving and Getting” along with talented pop artist, SHN, that garnered up to 106,000 streams in a span of less than a month.

RESORT self produces all their originals and is now 3 people (and growing), and is looking to venture deeper into the scene to curate an experience for their listeners. They have recently released their debut EP, “RESORT: Vol. 1” in March of 2020.


Yee Yee is a Malaysian singer and songwriter that started out locally and has branched out to predominantly Taiwan and China. From a strong family background of vocal talent, she definitely inherited her abilities from her father. Her career kicked off when she took part in Astro’s Star Quest in 2001. She has then released two albums (2003 & 2005) and has been featured in multiple events; in 2015’s Dama Orchestra Musical Show ( I Have A Date With Spring ) and in 2016’s ‘The Man Behind The Minister YB Khairy Jamaluddin’ performance.

Yee Yee is not only a singer but also a winner of multiple pageants as well as an actress. In 2000, she was featured in Hong Kong film, ‘Summer Holiday’, named the Maybelline Water Shine Girl the year after. She has also won awards for 2001’s Miss Malaysia Petite (Miss Charming) and 2002’s Miss Chinese Universe (Miss Photogenic). As a host for  ‘Travel’ magazine in Hong Kong & Korea, landed her a job on a HVD series as an actress. In 2018, she was awarded at the Tokyo Golden Bauhinia Fashion Icon Award. She has also been featured in various commercials (Maxis, Darlie, Prudential Insurance & more) while teaching vocal classes in Shanghai Music Academy China. 


From small town boys to big stage performers, singer-songwriter duo Daniel and Ruben have just about done it all. Known to most by the popular moniker Wanted Symphony, their unique sound resonates with a combination of technical prowess on their respective instruments coupled with melodious vocal harmonies. Backed by years of solid performing experience in and out of the country, award nominations, radio airplay and media coverage; Wanted Symphony’s music can be described as strong, passionate and relatable. Firmly grounded in acoustic roots but having evolved and adapted over the years, the boys have put out three hit singles on all major streaming platforms to date, and are looking at another year of solid releases.