Sihk's Sick Hits

Another week, another list of great fresh vibe-ing hits! 

The highlight of this week's is SIHK's new Epic Side Quest EP launched under Barong Family's label earlier this May. Booming audiences with his spark of creativity in entertainment while producing music, SIHK makes a triumphant return with his energetic, four-part auditory experience that blisters and sears listeners with fiery bass and steely, shivering synths.

WMW Radio featured 2 of SIHK's new track in this episode:

  • First is Space Flamingo,” an ethereal exploration of bass that’s more than suitable for space-travel. 
  • Then after, a raw, industrial energy follows in the genre-smearing “Money,” a collab with label-mate RayRay that reminds listeners that this quest is and always will be about one thing— dat $$

Episode 26 tracklist: 

  1. Alice Chater - Thief (Thomas Gold remix) 
  2. BYPAST & Jaybox - Bass Level (Extended Remix)
  3. Chico Rose & Afrojack - The Bass
  4. Danny Avila - Thinking About You 
  5. Don Diablo & CID - Fever
  6. FWLR - Hot 
  7. Malifoo - No Love (ft. Shach Seven)
  8. Martin Garixx & Matisse & Sadko - Mistaken (ft. Alex Aris) 
  9. NERVO ft. Ryann - Emotional (Kristianex extended remix) 
  10. Sihk - Space Flamingo 
  11. Sihk & RayRay - Money
  12. Rob & Jack - Crank
  13. Siberian Express - Drop to the Rhythm 
  14. Sophie Francis - Lose My Mind 
  15. Two Friends - Take It Off (Codeko remix) 

And hey! if you are a music producer/ budding artist/ songwriter yourself and would like to get in touch with us, feel free to email your tracks to and be featured on our next show! 

Till the next episode, keep rockin' & spread that great music!
- Alicia FireHeart, Justin, Zen.