Night Owls

Sunset to Sunrise, everything happens after dark is what The Night Owls’ talkshow covers! The what’s what and whereabout to hangout, dine, chill, party & socialise! Or perhaps meet your soul mate?

Being a night person himself, Joel Kuan is well known in the nightlife world as the go-to person for the next hype location to visit!

Don’t get us wrong! Nightlife is not an unhealthy activity! There’s more to nightlife than clubs and bars! You got to listen in to Night Owls to find out more with DJ Joel Kuan! Maybe, he’ll teach you his secret way of making his perfect glass of Gin Tonic for that nightcap.

Joel Kuan

Joel Kuan is known in the industry as MC Joel Kuan. He has been emceeing since 18 years old in various small events and has built a career on in. Currently, he has collaborated with big companies and is well known in the Emcee industry.

Joel Kuan is not just an emcee, he’s also a hardcore Scuba Diver and a Pilot-in-Training. His life’s mission is to conquer Sky, Land and Sea!

He is also very much into the nightlife scene. His theory of being out at night are “No Jam”, “Not so hot”, “Easy to find parking”; AGREE?

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