The all new SPINZ on www.aforadio.com is hosted by one of Malaysia's leading DJ's in the music industry DJ Augie.  As the show’s main man & producer, DJ Augie engages with young, talented & experienced local and international DJs and musicians in Malaysia, providing them with a platform to showcase their talent in this international radio show.  SPINZ is also the place that gives listeners constant updates on the various DJ gigs and shows, club events & music festivals in & around the clubbing scene in Malaysia. This live show is net-casted live on video every Friday 10pm to 12midnight Malaysian time.

Catch SPINZ tonight, joining Augie in the studio is DJ Mastermind

Catch SPINZ every Friday night from 10pm-12am, tonight joining Augie in the studio is DJ MASTERMIND : aforadio.comHailing from Royal Klang Town, DJ Mastermind is one of the hottest names in Malaysia and International party scene and is one of the mostpassionate artists who lives and breathes music. Graduating from Playaz Universe DJ Academy, Mastermind followed his heart for hip hop genre that has taken his journey from local to global gigs. He is best known for being the official DJ for explosive opening acts forLil’Jon (USA), Fatman Scoop (USA), Ishq Bector (CANADA), DJ’Grand Masterflash (USA), Anirudh Live in KL (INDIA) andWu Tang Clan (USA). Mastermind plays the key role in most hip hop showcases in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. Since 2009, he has been the Official DJ for K-Town Clan who Hitz.Tv’s Blast OFF season 1 champion. He is also a partner and DJ for “Raising the Bar” an independent hip hop movement in homeland.Founder of “TRAP” and “MYHIPHOP” which locally done purely for independent hip hop acts. Mastermind has also Performed on internatonal shores, which include shows in United Kingdom, Korea, Denmark, France, Switzerland, Singapore, Thailand, Sri Lanka and India. Having said that Mastermind tours internationally with an average of at least 3 international shows in every 2 months. He also been featured in popular Tv shows such as 8TV Quicke, Vbuzz Astro, NTV 7 Hip Hop in Asia, Star Rage Segment in UK and many more. he also featured in an interview with Cleo Magazine.Mastermind’s Stronghold of followers across the world on social media has opened up more door of opportunities by demands. His uncoditionalcommitment in the art of turntablism has never changed since the day he embarked on this journey. Besides experimenting with new genres and engaging new partnerships, his enterpreneur mindset has encouraged him to expand Premier DJ Academy, a full-fledged school for DJs from Malaysia to London,UK with the vision to bring the art of turntablism to a higher level. Being known as one of the best and finest country’s best turntablist, he strongly believes in imparting his knowledge, talent and passion in art of turntablism to the new upcoming millennial generation.For more on DJ MARC TANNER check out this Soundcloudwww.soundcloud.com/mightymastermind

Catch SPINZ tonight, joining Augie in the studio is Coach Jeets

Catch SPINZ every Friday night from 10pm-12am, tonight joining Augie in the studio is Coach Jeets : aforadio.comCoach Jeets a 36 yr old, self taught epileptic Rap Musician - Was raised by his single parent father in some of the most deprived and underdeveloped housing estates in the city of Manchester, u.k. (See- 'Moss Side')Having discovered both N.W.A and The Stone Roses at the SAME time (aged 14) gave the Coach a unique insight into the world of original music- (i.e If it's good...it's good, no matter the genre)... at an early age he began to learn to play guitar, piano, program drum machines, sing AND Rap..so the journey began...Firstly came 'Silkstream' a teenage indie 4 piece, signed to pop label PWL - getting an insiders look at how the music business worked. Silkstream were dropped after only six months, without releasing a record. Setback!After, came success with Mancunian rap group 'Zenfo'.. Under new management the crew toured the U.K opening shows for the likes of  ' Kelly Rowland, The Furious Five, Kurtis Blow, Audioweb, The Dust Junkys & DJ Premier' to name but a few. Zenfo also performed at the world famous 'Cavern Club' in Liverpool and were one of the very last acts to play at the the equally well known 'Hacienda Nightclub' in Manchester. Zenfo also featured on national T.V and radio.After the demise of Zenfo, Coach Jeets began his self styled "slide into Ganja-fied indifference"...  Instead producing and recording upcoming artists and presenting his Dubstep radio show on 'Unity FM'.... However as every music maker knows..the beats inside don't stop! So Jeets got serious again....After taking a year off to write and record fresh material,and with contacts throughout the city, Coach Jeets formed new label 'grande mal' (a name given for an epileptic seizure)-A record label entirely concerned with the musical and artistic output over and beyond the needs of  modern commercialism- 'Authentic Mercurial! Self releasing his debut solo joint 'So It Goes' in July 2016...Which remains relatively underground, despite critical acclaim. The new label (grande mal) are set to release two more L.Ps this summer, the Coach Jeets second mixtape - 'Chez Raps' which is sounding pukkah!..and a multi artist compilation L.P 'Authentic Mercurials #1'...as well as continuing to host our showcase events in Manchester for new artists of all styles..

Catch SPINZ tonight, joining Augie in the studio is Lawalah Familia

Lawalah Familia, a name synonymous with Malaysian Hip Hop was established in 2013. This up and coming group is significant with Malaysian Hip Hop music. Even though they are relatively new, they have shown tremendous success with their first mixtape, Ramai Lagi Lawa: The Mixtape. Lawalah Familia also was invited to performed at the big stage such as Raising The Bar Festival 2016, Sunway Lagoon Asia Flow Tour 2016, StreetVibez Moonsoon Cup 2016, Singapore Enter The Void Deck Awards 2015, Art Of Speed 2015 and many more Recently Lawalah Familia has won the House Of Vans Battle Of The Band Malaysia and represent Malaysia to perform at House Of  Vans 50TH  Anniversary Singapore Tour . Lawalah Familia songs also being selected as nominies at VIMA AWARDS 2016 for VIMA Best Act In The Universe,VIMA Best Hip Hop Song ( Ini Baru Lawa/Generasi Genius/Atas Langit Ada Langit), VIMA Best Collaboration (Ini Baru Lawa) and VIMA Best Genre Bending Award (Tenang,Wujudnya Esok). And our anthem Ini Baru Lawa won the Silver Award for VIMA Best Hip Hop Song 2016 Lawalah Familia Also being selected through voting system for Northern Music Festival 2016 and performing at the main stage with Malaysian big names This group, a name to be reckoned with has 22 members, whereby 18 are also MCs, the members/MCs are Sabbala, Rahhh 5 Kaki, Halim Redwood, Fahmie Freakmie, Jamil Hantu, The Boss, Chief Qif, Benzooloo, R.A.S.H The Warchild, Mady Bee, Nawi, KC, NA$ ,Highrule,Syamel Izwan,Danye,Mont Berg,Syawal Afro and 1 R&B singer  Faris Fariza. DJ Ruckes is the in-house DJ; Apek is the mural artist and the official videographer for our Music Videos are made by Takeem Lawalah Familia Members 1.Sabbala a.k.a Alabbas 2.Rahhh 5 Kaki a.k.a Muariffah 3.Halim Redwood 4.Fahmie Freakmie 5.Jamil Hantu 6.The Boss 7.Chief Qif 8.Benzooloo 9.R.A.S.H. The Warchild 10.Mady Bee 11.Nawi 12.KC 13.Na$ 14.Highrule 15.Syamel Izwan 16.Faris Fariza 17.DJ Ruckes 18.Apek 19.Takeem 20.Danye 21.Mont Berg 22.Syawal Afro Lawa Nie Geng ( Alabbas and Muarrifah also known as Sabbala and Rahhh 5 Kaki) are currently under Mixology Music, one if the biggest hip hop labels in the country. They've collaborated with well known artists such as Raja Ema, Deasy Natalina,Ifa Raziah and many more. They have topped the charts in Indonesia with "Aduh Aduh Sayang" & “Masalah Mu” featuring Deasy Natalina. Lawalah Borneo, lead by Benzooloo and over the top MCs who are Highrule, NA$ and Syamel Izwan. They have released a number of tracks on YouTube which has put Sabah and Sarawak in the Malaysian Hip Hop scene. Singa Lawalah The only Lawalah Familia members name Mont Berg represent Singapore.He also has his own crew in Singapore called The Void Deck Fellas under Singaporean record label SeiShuttle Records All though the members are from all over the country, they take the trouble to make time for performances. Lawalah Familia mission is to bring Malaysian Hip Hop Culture to the next level with our upcoming project to dominate Asia Hip Hop Music Please refer below link for our anthem Lawalah Familia - Ini Baru Lawa

Catch SPINZ tonight, joining Augie in the studio is DJ MARC TANNER

Catch SPINZ every Friday night from 10pm-12am, tonight joining Augie in the studio is DJ MARC TANNER : aforadio.com Marc Tanner (UK) has been DJ'ing for 19 years, rocking successful residencies in London, Dubai and the music mecca that is Miami, as well as playing at many venues in the UK and across Europe, including Paris, Milan and Amsterdam. Originally from Essex in the South of England, in his teenage years he worked behind the counters of some of London's most prominent and influential record stores at the time, promoting the soulful and deep house sounds of the time and building valuable relationships with record labels and industry insiders all across the country. By having access to the top promos and white labels in London at that time, he was able to impress both the promoters and clubber's alike in the venues he managed to blag his way into. Having quickly made a name for himself, Marc was given supporting slots at some of London's most hyped nights for labels such as Defected, Fluential and Nocturnal Groove to name a few. After breaking into the London house music scene, and continuing to support new labels and established talent alike, Marc went on to host shows on one of London's most popular pirate radio stations, showcasing the weeks best Soulful and Funky house sounds of the moment, as well as giving much needed support to emerging labels at the time such as Defected and Fluential on his Friday night SouledOut Sessions show. Years later he would take that same style around the world as he took up successful residencies in Dubai, and Orlando, and served as official resident DJ for the UK and Abu Dhabi rounds of the Red Bull Air Race, as well as supporting the Red Bull 'Come To Play' Tour around the East coast of America, where he warmed up and closed for the likes of Roger Sanchez, Erik Morillo and The Crystal Method. Having played parties for labels and brands such as Hed Kandi, Defected, Azuli, Strictly Rhythm and Bargrooves, Levi's, Red Bull, Burberry, Heineken and ESPN, in venues ranging from the stylish back street bars of London's Soho to the Ministry of Sound, Pacha, and the dizzy heights of private pool parties for the rich and famous of Miami's South Beach, including telling Mel Gibson off for spilling his beer over the decks once during a party! Marc has had experience and exposure in some of the best venues around the world to date, and learned from every one of them that the opportunity is merely not enough, it's the passion and performance that counts. Now living in Kuala Lumpur, Marc is ready to bring his stylish, soulful house grooves to Malaysia and establish himself as a face to be trusted behind the decks of any truly sexy venue in Southeast Asia. For more on DJ MARC TANNER check out this Sound Cloud https://www.mixcloud.com/djmarctanner