The James Lee Show

A chill-out talk show on topics and things that matters to an indie-filmmaker with a cup of coffee, after more than a decade working in a visual and image dominated industry, now the show is for him to listens, to non-fictional stories.

James Lee

James Lee, an award winning independent filmmaker from Malaysia. He's also one of the pioneers of indie digital video film-making. His films has won awards in film festivals in Bangkok, Hong Kong, Philippines and Singapore.

In 2007 the 9th Deauville Asian Film Festival France had a special focus on the movies of James Lee as a talent to watch. This focus was to acknowledge Lee’s status as one of the pioneer digital filmmakers of the region.

In 2014, the website won the DiGi WWWOW award for the content category. And was invited as a speaker in the TEDxKL 2015.

In 2015 he won Director of the Year in the Singapore advertising award GONG for the branded short film "Last Day of School" which also picked up the Cannes Silver Lion Award in 2016.

Azmyl Yunor

Azmyl Yunor (born 1977 in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia) is an independent English and Malay language singer-songwriter, multi-instrumentalist, academic and writer from Malaysia. He is a journalist and filmmaker by training.His works have ranged from folk-country singer-songwriter styles to experimental guitar improvisations to punk and indie-noise rock, solo and with various bands he has founded and recorded with. All of his solo recordings are released on his own Rapidear label (his earlier obscure cassette home recordings are out of print) and Troubadours. A former street musician,[3][5] he is noted for his strong songwriting and lyrics, and laidback on-stage presence yet energetic live shows. He has also composed and collaborated for film, television, theatre, dance and spoken word/poetry productions.With the release of the country folk-flavored Tenets EP (2005 / produced by Azmyl Yunor & Ron Khoo) in 2005 to acclaim, he garnered wider attention of the press and established himself as one of the main movers of the burgeoning Malaysian singer-songwriter scene along with the likes of Meor Aziddin Yusof, Pete Teo, Shanon Shah and Shelley Leong. He has also recorded and released lo-fi recordings under the name Thunder Coffee Club. He was voted as one of KLue magazine's '20 Under 40 - Significant & Young Individuals or Collectives' along with the likes of Mawi, Daphne Iking, Tiara Jacquelina, and Amir Muhammad in 2006. His bi-lingual album Warga (2010 / produced by Azmyl Yunor & Ariff Akhir) saw him launch a self-funded 20-month tour to promote it. His latest album Wilayah (2012 / produced by Azmyl Yunor & Ron Khoo) was recorded with his touring band the Sigarettes.He is a co-founder and member of the Experimental Musicians and Artists Co-operative Malaysia (Emacm) and a co-founder of Troubadours Enterprise, organisers of the annual singer-songwriter festival KL Sing Song from 2005 to 2009. He was also a guitarist for Damo Suzuki's Network in Malaysia for a performance together in 2010. A musical named after one of his popular songs "Something I Wrote" (directed by Mark Teh, produced by the Five Arts Centre) based on his life and works was staged in August 2013, during which he also launched a retrospective CD Revenge of the Rabak: Selected Works from the Lo-fi Years 1997-2005 comprising selected songs from his lo-fi cassette releases and the Tenets EP in its entirety.[19]The Pedra Branca EP (2014 / produced by Ronnie Khoo, Azmyl Yunor, & Jeremy Lee), a split EP with Singaporean doom folk artist Hell Low, was released in April 2014 and they both toured Singapore and Peninsula Malaysia to promote the release.After the disbandment of Azmyl Yunor & the Sigarettes in August 2014, he began work on a new album called Was Was and formed Azmyl Yunor & Orkes Padu with collaborator/ producer and ex-Sigarettes drummer Raje. The band released its debut single "Tanah air Ku" ("My Motherland") from the new album on Malaysia Day and made its debut festival performance at Urbanscapes 2014.He lectures media and film studies at Sunway University.Source from WikipediaFor more on Azmyl Yunor:YouTube:

Nadira Ilana

Nadira Ilana is a Malaysian writer, filmmaker, and activist from Kota Kinabalu, Sabah. She is an advocate for better and more inclusive cultural representation of Borneo-Malaysians in the national narrative.Nadira is an alumnus of the Berlinale Talent Campus, BIFAN NAFF Fantastic Film School, Singapore International Film Festival's SEA Film Lab and the Luang Prabang International Film Fest's Talent Lab.Her documentary, 'The Silent Riot' was the first East Malaysian film to receive the Justin Louis Grant from Freedom Film Festival. The political historical documentary on the 1986 Sabah riots, took the Best Human Rights Award at Freedom Film Fest 2013.Her short film, 'Lastik' produced in 2013, was a playful allegory for North Borneo's independence and was the Sabah entry for Astro and Red Communications' 'My Hometown Series'. The film depicted Sabah's founding fathers, the late Tun Fuad Stephens and Tun Mustapha bin Dato Harun as children who are embroiled in a turf war with two other British children who have also taken their tin cans and rubber bands.In 2016, Nadira was part of a Big Stories, Small Towns project. She conducted a film residency in Kampung Bongkud and sister-village Kampung Namaus for a whole year. Her collaboration with locals resulted in 14 short documentaries and 3 photo series that premiered in the village itself in Ranau, Sabah as a Dusun cultural festival. She is also an active organizer of film communities such as Working Title Film Drinks (2013-2016), a monthly gathering of professional filmmakers and enthusiast in Kuala Lumpur, which is now an active online group dedicated to Malaysia's independent film scene. She is also founder of the short lived, CINEBAH, Kota Kinabalu's first film club, which is currently suspended until further notice.The Sabahan filmmaker was a judge for Projek Dialog's Pesta Filem Kita as well as the Malaysian short film competition, BMW Shorties in 2016 and 2017.https://www.nadirailana.com